Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine

Health in the workplace. Connect with our Occupational Health team today.

Work-related injury care.

Convenient walk-in services to treat workplace injuries and get employees back to work quickly.

Employee screenings.

CityMD’s physicians and medical assistants are certified to provide a full range of screening services.

Additional services and information.


  • CityMD is the largest DOT provider in the tri-state area. Whether drivers need to renew or apply for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), they can walk into any CityMD location; no appointment needed.

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  • Located throughout the NY and NJ region, CityMD Occupational Medicine Advanced Centers offer a more comprehensive menu of specialized services.

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  • CityMD’s dedicated account management and support teams are employers’ direct resources to ensure they make the most of their experience working with CityMD.

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  • See answers to many of the questions we frequently receive from employers.

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OccMed Covid-19 testing

COVID-19 testing.

Amidst the difficult COVID-19 pandemic, CityMD is proud to offer various testing services to our corporate partners to help maintain a healthy workplace.

Additional help for your employees.

CityMD’s Occupational Medicine support teams are dedicated to ensuring employers make the most of their experience working with CityMD. Our goal is to keep employees healthy in the workplace and provide them with the quality of care they need when injured for a rapid return to work.

OccMed Healthcare Management

Healthcare management for self-insured companies.

For self-insured companies, CityMD partners with employers through a wide range of programs to help manage healthcare costs.