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For employee screening services, can my employees walk into any location?

While all of our 140+ locations perform the majority of our employee screening services, certain exams require a physician or technician who is certified to perform those exams including DOT Physicals, Silicosis Screenings and Urine Drug Screens. Simply contact our Occupational Medicine Customer Service team at occmed@citymd.net to help you find the closest sites that can perform the services you need.

For work-related injuries, can my employees go to different locations for follow-up visits?

Yes, from the initial visit to any follow-up visits, employees can go to any of our 140+ locations for care. Because of our centralized database, all medical records are accessible no matter which location they visit. We have locations in all five boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester County and Rockland County.

Can CityMD send my employees’ medical records to specialists?

Yes. As part of our referral program, our Aftercare team assists your employees with scheduling specialist appointments along with sending their’ progress notes and any diagnostic results to the specialist. We ensure that all specialists in our referral network match our high standards of care

Does CityMD do stitches?


Does CityMD do x-rays?

Yes, each of our locations have x-ray machines on-site, staffed by certified x-ray technicians.

When is it appropriate to go to the ER versus CityMD?

Although our sites are staffed by board certified emergency medicine physicians, life and limb threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, shortness of breath, passing out and severely broken bones may require hospitalization and the advanced care available only at a hospital. Please call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. For more information to help you better understand when to go to an ER or Urgent Care Center, please see our Know Where To Go Guide.

What are the credentials of CityMD doctors?

All our doctors are board certified. Most have their certifications in emergency medicine or family medicine. And, many have trained in the best hospitals, winning numerous awards for teaching and training fellow physicians. Alongside our doctors are physician assistants who are also highly trained and qualified.

What insurance plans does CityMD accept?

We accept most commercial, medicaid managed care, medicare advantage and exchange plans. Click here to see insurances.

Are the same doctors at the same site every day?

Not always. However, medical records are detailed and entered into our central database for all our doctors to access, regardless which site they are at. In addition, all of our doctors are vetted and board certified physicians. If an employee prefers a specific doctor, they can always come back the next time the doctor is scheduled at that site or see the doctor
at the other sites they are scheduled to work at.

Dedicated Occupational Medicine Team

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