Whatever you need,
we treat it

From scrapes to rashes, from fevers to falls—CityMD is here for you.

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Sprains and strains, cuts, bruises, or other accidents. Make sure you get them checked out right away.


Sore throats, allergies, COVID-19, or the flu. We’ll tell you what it is—and get you feeling better.


At every CityMD, you can count on an advanced digital X-rays for fast and accurate answers.

Lab tests & screenings

Stop by any of our locations for tests and screenings to get the results you need quickly.


We offer a wide range of vaccines and immunizations, from the seasonal flu to travel vaccines.

On-the-job injuries

If employees get hurt on the job, we’ll be ready to quickly treat their injuries and get them back to work.

Women’s health

Trained and experienced in treating women's health issues, so you can get answers and the right treatment fast.

Pediatric care

Our doctors are well versed in pediatric urgent care, so your child can get treated even when your pediatrician isn’t available.

Occupational medicine

If you get hurt at work, we’re here to assess and treat you, so you can get back to the job quickly.
Virtual care

Virtual care.

If you can’t visit us in person, we have options for you. Schedule an online appointment with a provider on your smartphone or tablet using the My Summit Health app.


After your visit.

At CityMD, care doesn’t stop when your visit ends. We’ll coordinate your post visit needs—either with us or the right specialist at a location that works best for you.