Urgent Care Fellowship

Urgent Care Fellowship

Interested in a career in the vibrant and thriving field of Urgent Care? Expand your knowledge and develop your skills with the specialized training and experience needed to succeed. The CityMD Urgent Care Fellowship Program is designed to deliver this training.


For graduates of an accredited Family Medicine residency program, this is a non-ACGME program that is accredited by the UCA and CUCM. It is an intensive 20 week program that combines hands-on clinical experience at our Urgent Care sites under the direct supervision of on-site clinical mentors, and didactic sessions all exclusively taught by our own teaching faculty.


For graduates of an accredited Physician Assistant program, the fellowship training includes the intensive training regimen described above, followed by an additional 5 months of supervised clinical experience with a progression of autonomy.


Benefits of the Fellowship include:

- Ability to work under the guidance of some of New York's top Emergency Medicine providers

- Working within one of the largest and highest rated urgent care organizations in the country

- Support from and access to Summit Health’s comprehensive multispecialty medical practice

- Hands on experience with a wide spectrum of acute presentations


The mission of this program is to develop formally trained clinicians capable of performing at the highest levels of clinical competency and efficiency necessary for success in an urgent care setting. For more details contact us at fellowship.citymd.net.


Send us your CV to apply, or direct any questions to us through the link below or at fellowship.citymd.net.