New Jersey patient bill delay FAQ

Q: I visited a CityMD more than a month ago and still haven’t received my bill. Where is it?


A: We recently made some necessary changes to our billing process and that has created unexpected delays in patients receiving final bills. We are working closely with the health insurance plans to process these bills as quickly as possible. We are very sorry about any issues these delays are causing. 


Q: Can you just send me the bill as it stands now?


A: There isn't a bill to send you because it will show only the full charges without any payments from your insurance plan and therefore, it won’t be able to show your patient responsibility portion. We need all of that information in order to send you a final bill.


Q: I would like my bill so I can use my HSA to cover this.


A: We totally understand and we are working as quickly as we can to get the bills finalized and sent. When you do receive the final bill, it will show the 2019 date of service - please check with your HSA plan to understand your deadline for submitting 2019 expenses. 


Q: When will this issue be solved?


A: The short answer is we are not sure exactly when this issue will be resolved. But be assured that we’re doing everything we can to get final bills to you as quickly as possible and we are committed to keeping you updated. Please bookmark this page and visit it for updates on the situation. Thank you for your patience and, again, we are very sorry for any issues this is causing.