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Seasonal Flu Shots

Last updated October 7th, 2021


Update: Due to high demand, we recommend calling your location ahead of visit to confirm the flu shot is in stock. 

Flu Shots Are Now Available at CityMD

To help protect you against the seasonal flu, we are now offering flu shots at all CityMD locations. This flu shot is preservative free, with no mercury, and is safe for use in everyone over the age of six months, including pregnant women.

Flu Shot Options

- Regular Dose - for 3 months old to 64 years old, Quadrivalent


- High Dose (Please call your location ahead of visit to confirm availability) - for 65 years old and above, Quadrivalent


If you are an insured patient, there is no co-payment for the flu vaccine.


If you are an uninsured patient, see cost below.


- Regular Dose: $30


- High Dose: $65


As always, we recommend to check with your insurance carrier if receiving a flu shot at CityMD is covered by your insurance plan.


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