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Seasonal Flu Shots

Walk-In Flu Shots at CityMD

To keep you healthy throughout the year, we offer a wide range of vaccines, including the seasonal flu shot. Get a walk-in flu shot (influenza vaccination) at any CityMD location throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, and Washington State.
Our flu shots are administered through a traditional injection. If you do end up contracting the flu, our physicians provide flu urgent care services to help you recover as quickly as possible. Our flu shots are preservative free with no mercury, so they're safe for pregnant women and babies over the age of six months. This also puts parents at ease because some worry about preservatives in vaccines.

Flu Shot Options

CityMD offers flu shots specifically formulated based on age (children up to 3, adults up to 65, adults over 65), so you'll know you'll be getting what works best for your specific needs.
The flu shot is typically covered by most insurance as well as Medicare.

Germiest Places During Flu Season

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Whenever we treat you, we’ll make sure to follow up and coordinate an Aftercare Program here or elsewhere if you need it.