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Asthma Treatment

Asthma Treatment at CityMD

CityMD is here to treat your urgent asthma needs, including attacks. Our board certified doctors are trained in urgent asthma care for both adults and children. With our short wait times, broad insurance/payment options, and comprehensive follow-ups, CityMD provides an exceptional experience and a more convenient alternative to the emergency room. 

CityMD Asthma Services Include:

  • Oxygen Saturation Evaluation
  • Rapid Evaluation by Medical Professional (average wait time of 6 minutes)
  • Nebulizer Treatment
  • Oral and/or Injectable Steroid Treatment
  • New or Refill Prescriptions for Inhaler, Nebulizer Solution, Steroid Medications, and Maintenance Medications
  • Communication and Coordination with your PCP and/or Pulmonologist (or referral to PCP upon request if you do not have one)

Please note: For asthma diagnosis, please visit your primary care physician.

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Whenever we treat you, we’ll make sure to follow up and coordinate an Aftercare Program here or elsewhere if you need it.