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At CityMD, we believe quality care should not stop when your visit ends. Our Aftercare team of doctors and clinical assistants are here to help facilitate your next steps on your path back to health by assisting in the coordination of referrals and follow-up appointments.

Aftercare Services:

Our team of doctors and clinical assistants of our centralized Aftercare group serve patients from all CityMD locations. They handle follow-up care after your visit to any CityMD location.
  • Relaying lab and radiology imaging results
  • Assisting with specialist appointments
  • Answering your care questions
  • Completing patient forms
  • Generating work notes
  • Assisting with authorizations for medications and advanced imaging
Our Aftercare specialists will help you find the best specialist for follow-up care. Keeping in mind your preferences, they'll connect you to a high quality specialist who accepts your insurance. And when necessary, they can help you schedule advanced imaging studies (CT/MRI/MRA/US, and more).

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