Important Billing Information Regarding CityMD & Summit Health Merger

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On August 13th, 2019, Summit Health and CityMD merged to ensure our patients have greater access to the highest quality of care across a full range of primary and specialty care. The following are answers to specific billing related questions you may have since our merge with Summit Health.


Will there be any changes in billing procedures?

If you visit a CityMD location in New Jersey, after August 2019, all statements including Insurance Explanation of Benefits will have some reference to Summit Health. Any credit card charges related to co-pays or other payments will also reference Summit Health.


Will the copay or out-of-pocket responsibility change? 

At this time, we do not expect any changes to your co-pay or out-of-pocket responsibility.


Will my balances be combined with other Summit Health balances? 

We will be working to integrate our billing systems over the coming months. Until we are integrated, you will receive separate statements from CityMD locations and Summit Health.


Will my insurance coverage be affected by the Summit Health and CityMD merger? What insurances do Summit Health and CityMD accept?

Summit Health and CityMD participate in most insurance plans, however some CityMD sites may not participate in all plans. Please check our websites (link below) for a full list of participating insurances. We also recommend that you always verify location and provider participation with your health plan.


CMD accepted insurances list can be found at:


Summit Health accepted insurances list can be found at:


Will there be any change regarding in vs. out of network payers?

At this time, there is no indication that this merger will change in-network status for most CityMD locations. However, please be sure to visit and contact your insurance company for any recent updates.


Will I still be able to pay my bill on the CityMD website?

Yes. Online payments can still be made in the CityMD patient portal at


Who should I contact with billing questions? 

If you are calling regarding a Summit Health balance you should call 908-790-6500. If you are calling regarding a CityMD balance please contact the number on your Statement.