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How an urgent care X-ray makes all the difference

You may wonder whether X-ray machines are available at your local urgent care. It's a valid question, especially if you’re dealing with an acute illness or a possible broken bone. After all, you want to know whether you’ll need additional medical attention. So, do urgent cares have X-rays?

Do urgent cares have X-rays?

Yes, most urgent care centers have X-ray machines available on-site. X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool to help doctors quickly identify injuries, including bone fractures and joint dislocations. X-rays can also help diagnose acute illnesses, such as pneumonia and detect foreign objects in the body.

In addition, having an X-ray machine in-house can reduce the time and cost of sending patients to a separate imaging center for further testing.

Most CityMD urgent care locations have on-site X-ray machines available. Our team of medical professionals is equipped to provide comprehensive care, including X-rays, for a wide range of medical concerns.


Urgent care X-rays at CityMD

Does urgent care have X-rays? At CityMD, X-rays are available at most locations in the tri-state area.

Whether you're dealing with a possible fracture or need imaging for another health concern, most CityMD urgent care locations can provide comprehensive care, including X-rays, in a timely and convenient manner.

If you’re concerned about a possible injury or medical condition, don't hesitate to visit your nearest CityMD urgent care location. Our team of medical professionals is here to provide the care you need when you need it. And if you require follow-up care afterward, we can connect you with a specialist too.


What can a chest X-ray diagnose?

A chest X-ray is another common imaging test that can help diagnose various illnesses and injuries. Many CityMDs have chest X-rays available on site. Here are some of the things that a chest X-ray can detect.

  • Lung infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.
  • Heart problems such as abnormalities or fluid buildup in the surrounding tissues.
  • Lung cancer or other abnormal growths in the lungs.
  • Injuries such as identifying broken ribs or other injuries to the bones and tissues in the chest area.
  • Other conditions like emphysema, asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis. While a chest X-ray can provide valuable information, it is not always conclusive. Depending on the X-ray results, additional testing or imaging may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis.
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