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Drug test for employment: fast drug tests at CityMD

Drug screenings provide critical information about potential and current hires for employers. But what is the easiest way to set up a drug test for employment purposes? And where can you get employee drug screenings near you?

CityMD, the leading urgent care in the tri-state area, has your answer.

Drug screening for employment

Drug screening for employment typically involves testing job applicants or current employees for the presence of illegal or controlled substances in their system.

This is often done through urine or blood tests and may be a requirement for new employment or as a random check for a current employee.

The specific drugs tested for can vary depending on the employer's policies and the type of work performed at the job. Some companies may also conduct hair or saliva tests for drug screening. Every state has different laws regarding how and when employee drug testing can be used.


How does drug screening work for employees?

Drug screening for employees typically involves collecting samples of urine, blood, hair, or saliva from the tested individual. The sample is then sent to a laboratory for analysis and screened for specific drugs.

The different types of drug tests include:

  • Urine tests are the most common type of drug screening, as they are relatively simple and inexpensive to administer. They detect drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids.
  • Blood tests are used less often but can provide more detailed information about drug use.
  • Hair samples can identify drug use over a more extended period.
  • Saliva tests are non-invasive and can detect drugs used in the past few days.

The specific drugs tested for can vary depending on the employer's policies and the type of work being performed. Some companies may test for a broader range of drugs, while others may only test for a few specific substances.


Drug testing at CityMD urgent care clinics

Drug testing at CityMD works similarly to other drug testing procedures. You can consult the CityMD clinician or the lab technician to understand what drugs will be detected with the specific test that is ordered.

At CityMD, an individual will provide a urine sample that is collected in a clean, tamper-evident container. This means the container is closed in a way that makes them unable to open, switch, or contaminate the sample in any way.

CityMD utilizes a rapid test where results are available in a matter of minutes. This test detects the presence of multiple drugs by screening the urine for specific drugs.

It is also important for patients to know that CityMD follows all federal and state laws and regulations regarding drug testing. All tests are conducted with strict adherence to patient privacy and confidentiality.


CityMD drug testing: how it works

The drug test process at CityMD typically involves the following steps.

  • Scheduling the test. Employees can schedule a drug test at CityMD by walking into one of our neighborhood urgent care locations or by calling to make an appointment.
  • Check-in. Upon arrival, the employee will check in with the front desk and provide identification.
  • Collection of the sample. The employee will then provide a sample of urine, blood, hair, or saliva, depending on the type of drug test requested by the employer. CityMD physicians will collect the sample in a clean, tamper-evident container and label it with the individual's identifying information.
  • Drug testing. The sample then goes to a laboratory for analysis.
  • Test results. The test results will be available in a matter of minutes for the rapid test or a few days for more complex tests. The results will be provided to the individual or the referring party, such as an employer or doctor.
  • Review of results. CityMD providers or lab technicians are available to explain the results and answer any questions you may have.


Learn more about a drug test for employment at CityMD

Employers can use CityMD's drug testing services to screen new and current employees. For more information about drug tests, pre-employment drug screens, and other services offered at our walk-in locations, contact CityMD today.

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