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Breaking out in hives? This is what it could mean.

Have you ever experienced that sudden, maddening itchiness and the appearance of red, swollen welts on your skin that seem to come out of nowhere? These itchy culprits are hives, also known as urticaria. Don't worry; breaking out in hives is common, and it doesn't have to be a cause for panic.

Let's see what hives could mean.

Why am I breaking out in hives?

You've felt the itch, seen those red welts on your skin, and wondered, "Why am I breaking out in hives?"

It's a valid question, and the answer isn't always straightforward. Various factors can trigger them, and understanding the cause is the first step to finding relief.



One of the most common reasons for hives is allergies. Your body's immune system can go into overdrive when encountering an allergen, whether it's a particular food, medication, sting, or even pollen. This immune response can result in the release of histamines, which cause those itchy welts you're experiencing.



Sometimes, your body's defense mechanism against infections can lead to hives. When viruses or bacteria invade, your immune system may release histamines and other chemicals that cause hives as part of its response.



Believe it or not, emotional stress can make you break out in hives. When stressed, your body releases stress hormones, which can trigger hives.



Certain medications can lead to hives as a side effect. If you've recently started a new medication and noticed hives shortly after, consult your doctor to discuss alternatives or solutions.


Physical factors.

Physical factors can be the culprits. Exposure to extreme temperatures, vigorous exercise, or even pressure on your skin can trigger hives. This is called physical urticaria.


Treating hives at CityMD.

Experiencing hives can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Hives are different than other rashes but can share some similar characteristics.

At CityMD, our team can help distinguish between hives and different types of rashes. Our experienced healthcare professionals are well-equipped to assist you in managing and treating this bothersome skin condition.


Identifying triggers.

Understanding the underlying cause of your hives is the first step in identifying an effective treatment. CityMD professionals will work with you to pinpoint potential factors contributing to your hives, whether it's an allergy, an infection, or another trigger.

We'll ask questions about your recent activities, dietary habits, exposure to irritants, and any medications you might be taking.


Hives treatment.

Once we identify the cause of your hives, we'll discuss treatment options tailored to your specific situation.

Treatment may involve:

  • Antihistamines. These medications can help to alleviate itching and reduce the appearance of hives by blocking histamine release.
  • Corticosteroids. For more severe cases, corticosteroids may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  • Addressing underlying issues. Whether related to allergies or infections, we'll help you develop a plan to manage these issues and prevent future outbreaks.


Preventing recurrence.

CityMD doesn't just treat your current hives; we also provide guidance on preventing future outbreaks. We'll work with you to proactively identify strategies for avoiding known triggers and managing your skin health.


When to visit CityMD.

If your hives are severe, accompanied by other concerning symptoms, or if they persist for an extended period, seek medical attention promptly. CityMD is here to provide the care and guidance you need, ensuring your hives don't disrupt your daily life.

Sometimes, hives can be a precursor to a more severe allergic reaction. So, if hives are accompanied by lip, mouth, tongue swelling, difficulty breathing, or lightheadedness, you should be evaluated immediately in the emergency department.

At CityMD, our focus is on treating your hives and helping you lead a comfortable, itch-free life. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding and managing your hives effectively. Walk into your local CityMD urgent care today.

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