A cat biting its owner's fingers

Cat bite complications: what to know for proper care.

Cats can be cherished companions, but even the most loving feline friends can surprise us with a bite. Understanding the necessary steps for care is crucial.

Join us in exploring how to respond immediately after a cat bite, recognizing when to be concerned and knowing that CityMD is here to provide expert care when needed.

What do you do if a cat bites you?

A sudden cat bite can catch anyone off guard. Knowing how to respond in those early moments is key to preventing complications.

Let's dive into the immediate steps to take if a cat bites you.

  • Immediate first aid. Wash the wound gently with soap and water to minimize the risk of infection. Apply an antiseptic to the wound and use a clean, sterile bandage to cover it.
  • Consult a healthcare professional. Seek medical advice from medical professionals at your local CityMD, especially if the bite is deep, on the face or hands or if the cat shows signs of illness.
  • Update tetanus shot. Ensure your tetanus vaccination is up-to-date, as cat bites can introduce bacteria that may lead to infections.


When should I be concerned about a cat bite?

While many cat bites heal without complications, it's crucial to recognize signs that may indicate a need for medical attention.

Let's explore when you should be concerned about a cat bite and what warning signs to watch for.

  • Signs of infection. Watch for redness, swelling, increased pain or discharge from the wound, as these may indicate infection.
  • Systemic symptoms. Be alert to fever, chills or swollen lymph nodes, as these may suggest a more severe infection.
  • Delayed healing. If the bite doesn't heal or worsens over time, seeking medical attention for an assessment is crucial.

Even a mild cat bite can get infected rapidly and may require early antibiotic treatment. Do not wait to get evaluated promptly.


Treating animal bites at CityMD.

CityMD is here to provide expert care and guidance when treating animal bites, including those from cats.

Let's explore the specialized care you can receive at CityMD.

  • Expert evaluation. CityMD's healthcare professionals are experienced in assessing animal bites, including those from cats.
  • Wound care expertise. Receive thorough wound care, including cleaning, dressing and, if necessary, stitches to facilitate proper healing.
  • Preventive measures. Get advice on preventing complications and infections through appropriate wound care techniques.



In the world of pet companionship, cat bites can happen unexpectedly. But with immediate care and the guidance of a healthcare professional you can heal quickly and prevent complications.

CityMD is here for you whenever you need us. Just walk in. No appointment is needed.

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