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Here are answers to many of the questions we frequently receive. If you don’t see an answer to your question, contact us.

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  • An urgent care practice can supplement the services your primary doctor can provide, from extended office hours and short wait times to a more comprehensive suite of services available on-site than in most primary doctor’s offices (EKG, IV, x-rays, etc.). While your primary doctor cares for multiple chronic medical issues, we treat the problems facing you today. Also, for the cases where your primary physician would have to send you to an ER for a non-life-threatening condition, urgent care can eliminate much of the waiting and expense.

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  • You'll need a valid photo ID and insurance card (if you're paying with insurance). When you visit, you'll complete a short registration form, and then be seen by a doctor.

  • You should visit the emergency room for life and limb threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, shortness of breath, passing out and severely broken bones. Although our offices are staffed by board certified emergency medicine physicians, life threatening emergencies may require hospitalization and the advanced care available only at a hospital. Please call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. For more information to help you better understand when to go to an ER or Urgent Care Center, please see our Know Where to Go Guide.

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  • We don't take appointments. Just walk in when you need us.

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  • All our doctors are board certified. Most have their certifications in emergency medicine or family medicine. And, many have trained in the best hospitals, winning numerous awards for teaching and training fellow physicians. Alongside our doctors are physician assistants who are also highly trained and qualified.

  • No. With our urgent care provider agreements with insurance carriers, you can be treated in our office without a referral.

  • Each CityMD has self check-in kiosks. They're fast, simple and convenient. The kiosk will scan your photo ID and automatically enter your information. In fact, our kiosks are the fastest and most accurate way to collect your information. And — once you've signed in at one CityMD, you'll never have to register at another CityMD.

  • Absolutely! Just walk in to any of our locations.

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