To our CityMD patients,I don’t have to tell you that the past two years have been hard. Really hard. In a world rocked by COVID-19, we all had to do more to stay well, to stay safe, and to stay connected to each other. We’ve ridden the ups and downs together—from lockdowns and quiet streets to makeshift outdoor dining and long-awaited reunions, and back again. Through the uncertainty, there’s always been hope. As a lifelong New Yorker, I knew that hope, and our fighting spirit, would prevail.I want to thank you. Thank you for trusting us with your care and the care of your loved ones. Patients like you came through our doors more than 11 million times for COVID-related and everyday care over the past two years. CityMD has always been dedicated to fast, high-quality care in your neighborhood—but never before were the stakes of that promise so high. Since early 2020, we’ve opened more than 30 new locations, extended our hours whenever possible, and opened our doors to help as much as we could. Like you, we adapted on a regular basis to the ebbs and flows of the pandemic to treat as many of you as we could with kindness and excellent care.It’s been an honor for CityMD to be a part of this fight. Our doctors and care teams have been on the front lines. They showed up every day, pushing through fear and exhaustion to provide the care our patients needed. To them, I say: thank you. Love shows in action. Your love for our communities in New York and New Jersey showed in every moment of this crisis.The fight isn’t over. But as our region begins to see glimmers of normalcy return, our urgent cares do too, with fully staffed sites and wait times back to pre-COVID levels. We are gratefully able to imagine a city where a sniffle might just be a cold. And whatever your urgent need—from your child’s fever, to your parent’s achy knee, to your seasonal allergies—you can walk right in, see one of our board-certified providers and be in and out in around 30 minutes. Because people have things to do, and we hope it’s time for all of us—safely—to get back to doing them.Thank you, more than ever, for being a CityMD patient.Jeff Alter, CEO