On a mission to do more
Our Story

On a mission to do more

As the child of working class immigrants, I have often felt like an outsider. For me, that feeling was never positive. There is a part of us that naturally wants to feel included. And while being an outsider is not always a bad thing, in the world of healthcare, being an outsider may have serious consequences. Our mission at CityMD is to strive to make healthcare as inclusive as possible.
So how does CityMD make healthcare inclusive? It all starts with our mission: we serve our communities by providing quality medical care through convenient access and an exceptional experience, and we consider this mission with every patient that walks through our doors.
Quality medical care means hiring the best board-certified doctors. It also means providing our doctors with ongoing medical training and information, along with the most modern technology, and built upon the philosophy of serving patients with kindness
We provide convenient access through diverse staff that reflect the communities where they work and live, so patients feel at home when they visit. It means that we take most major insurances, as well as managed Medicaid and Medicare to have the opportunity to see as many people as we can in as many neighborhoods as possible.
An exceptional experience starts with designing the forms and paperwork with simplicity in mind. We do not want to frustrate you in the waiting room; we want to treat you with kindness and respect to get you back to your true self efficiently and with the highest quality possible.
Our personal experiences with healthcare have shaped our view of the medical industry and ultimately the mission statement that drives this company. Our staff at all levels embody this mission to serve everyone, and they support our goal, day after day, in this challenge to make healthcare more inclusive.
No one should be an outsider when it comes to healthcare. I believed this as a medical student, a resident, an ER doctor, and now as the CEO of this great company. CityMD is poised to change the practice and the perception of healthcare, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. You’ll feel the difference from the moment you walk into a CityMD, and you'll carry that feeling with you long after you leave.
Richard Park, M.D. — Founder/CEO

Committed to Quality Care

To ensure that you can always count on the highest level of care at each location every time you visit, our Medical Leadership Team oversees and guides all operations, regularly explores advanced new techniques and practices, and ensures that the highest standards are maintained throughout CityMD.

A mission to do more for health

Established on the pillars of quality, speed and exceptional experiences, four ER doctors formed CityMD in 2010 as an alternative to primary care physicians booked weeks in advance, and expensive, crowded emergency rooms with long wait times.

Follow-up Care


At CityMD, we believe quality care should not stop when your visit ends. Our Aftercare team of doctors and clinical assistants are here to help facilitate your next steps on your path back to health.