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Preferred Pricing

  • CityMD offers preferred pricing for companies who establishes a CityMD Occupational Medicine Account.

Access & Convenience

  • With the CityMD Request for Medical Services Form provided to employers upon opening a CityMD Account, their employees have the option to walk into any of our 115+ locations, no appointment necessary.

Streamlined Billing

  • CityMD’s Billing Team will invoice employers once a month via email for all services rendered the prior month, eliminating the hassle of having their employees pay upfront and being reimbursed later.


From regulatory pre-screening to ongoing compliance, CityMD’s physicians and medical assistants are certified to provide a full range of specialized screening services in all areas.


      Physical Exams                                         Respiratory Evaluation Exams       

     Pre-employments                                          Silicosis Screening Exams  

    DOT/CDL Physicals                        OSHA Respirator Clearance Questionnaire 

       19A Physicals                                                         Fit Testing

      OSHA Physicals                                            Pulmonary Function Testing*

                                                                                    Chest X-Rays


     Vaccines, Titers &                                              Common Procedures

   Common Blood Work                                         Urine Drug Screenings

    Hep A, Hep B and C                                                       PPDs   

                Flu                                                          Breath Alcohol Testing*

              MMR                                                      Alcohol Oral Swab Testing

      Quantiferon Gold                                                           EKGs 

   Toxicology Screenings                        



Occupational Medicine services offered at CityMD are not limited to the services above.



CityMD’s Aftercare program is a unique component of our practice. Unlike any other care coordination program in urgent care today, our team of physicians, physician assistants and Aftercare Clinical Associates work daily to follow up with patients seen in CityMD Urgent Care.

  • Relay lab and radiology imaging results
  • Complete patient forms
  • Answer care questions
  • Schedule appointments with specialists, if needed

Dedicated Occupational Medicine Team

One of the biggest hurdles many employers have is getting answers. CityMD provides employers dedicated account managers who can cater to the company’s unique needs, concerns and questions.


For more information or to establish your CityMD account, contact our Occupational Medicine Team directly at (866) MY-CITYMD or via email at mycitymd@citymd.net.

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