Occupational Medicine

CityMD Occupational Medicine Team

One of the biggest hurdles many employers have is getting answers. Luckily, we have a growing Occupational Medicine Team dedicated to ensure employers make the most of their experience working with CityMD. Our goal is to keep employees healthy in the workplace and provide them the quality of care they need when injured to get back to work as soon as possible.


Account Managers

CityMD provides employers dedicated Occupational Medicine Account Managers who serve as their daily point of contact for any questions, concerns or assistance needed. Our account managers act as your liaisons to the CityMD organization, from Site Operations to our Medical Team.


Service & Operations Support Team

CityMD has a team of specialists who help successfully run our Occupational Medicine Program. In the event your account manager is not accessible, our Support Team is available to assist directly via (866) MY-CITYMD or by email at mycitymd@citymd.net.


Case Management Team

CityMD has a dedicated Case Management Team working seven days a week to review all Post Injury Forms for employees’ work-related injuries to ensure treatment is most effective for a rapid return to work. After review, our Case Management Team will send the Post Injury Form via email to the point of contact provided by our employer partners. If our employers have any questions regarding their employees’ treatment, they can contact the Case Management Team at via wc@citymd.net.


Billing Team

If employers have any questions regarding invoices or need to make payments, our CityMD Billing Team is ready to assist. To contact our Billing Team, call (516) 783-4600 and or email nfwc@citymd.net.


For employee screening services, our Billing Team will invoice employers once a month via email for all services rendered the prior month, eliminating the hassle of having their employees pay upfront and being reimbursed later.

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