Ways To Support Your Community During The COVID-19 Crisis


The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life for all of us in the New York Metro area. But some communities, people, and businesses have been more impacted than others and need our support now, more than ever.


At CityMD, we believe in the healing power of kindness. From the beginning, our vision has been to build kinder, healthier communities. Right now, we think kindness can be the driving force in encouraging our communities through this crisis. While we are all dealing with COVID-19 in our own ways, there are also plenty of ways we can each Spread Kindness and support our families, friends, neighbors and communities.


Pick Up Groceries For The Elderly Or At-Risk Individuals 


Offer to pick up groceries or prescriptions for your neighbors who are elderly and at-risk individuals. Doing this can allow our senior citizens and vulnerable communities to stay home and stay safe.  City Meals  and  Meals On Wheels  are also great organizations to donate to and/or volunteer with, as they provide nutritious meals to isolated and homebound senior citizens. 


Order Delivery On Nights When You Would Normally Dine-Out 


The local restaurants, delis, and cafes that we all love are greatly affected by COVID-19 due to government-mandated limitations to take out/delivery. So, on nights when you normally go out to dinner or days where you would go out to lunch, give them your business by ordering online or take out. And try to give a generous tip whenever you can.


Purchase Gift Cards From Your Favorite Small Businesses 


Purchase gift cards from your local small businesses that offer them. This can be a big help to retail stores, spas, salons, casual dining and restaurants. They can use the cash now rather than later. 


Show Essential Workers That You Care


Post a thank you note on your door before the next delivery. Offer to buy the cashier or bagger a treat at the register. Join your neighbors in applauding local healthcare, public safety, delivery, food service, grocery and other frontline workers during this crisis. Saying thank you has always been the right thing to do and feels even better now.


Donate Blood 


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, over 4,000 blood drives have been cancelled, resulting in an unprecedented loss of 130,000 donations. Organizations like the  American Red Cross  are facing a severe blood shortage, and can use any blood donations at this time. The American Red Cross has a blood drive locator to help individuals find blood drives where they can donate. 


Send Digital Payments To Your Hairstylist, Housekeeper, or Nail Technician


Service providers from housekeepers to hair stylists have been affected by COVID-19. It may be a while before you can schedule your next appointment, so in the meantime, try to send payments to your favorite barber, hairstylist, etc. as if you're still planning on using their services. Apps like  Venmo,  PayPal,  Zelle  and  Cash App  are convenient resources for sending money.

Donate To A Food Bank

Having enough food to feed a family is critical. Currently, food is flying off of the shelves due to the majority of families quarantining in their homes, leaving a shortage of food supplies for the less fortunate. Donating to your local food bank can go a long way in supporting underserved communities in our area. Consider donating to Food Bank NYC,  Community Food Bank of New Jersey  and  Long Island Cares – all provide food to vulnerable families in our area. 


Help Your Local School


School teachers and staff are working hard to provide distance learning while also trying to feed students who rely on school meals every day. Consider contacting your local school and volunteering to help with their food program. Or if you know the faculty, see if there are other ways you can support the teachers.