Important Information on COVID-19 Testing

Last Updated: March 13, 2020


At CityMD, we have been on the front lines for other public health crises and pride ourselves on always being ready for anything. And right now, during the COVID-19 outbreak, we need your help to protect our ability to take care of the patients who truly need us. Please take a couple of minutes to read the following message and share with friends and family.  


For those patients who are experiencing fever, shortness of breath, persistent cough and body aches, we are here to examine and evaluate you. If we are able to rule out seasonal flu, we may recommend a coronavirus test. If you have an illness or injury unrelated to those symptoms, we are certainly here for you as well. 


Patients experiencing mild cold/flu symptoms who are seeking to rule out coronavirus for peace of mind cannot be tested at this time. While you may have a compelling personal reason to ask for a test, our providers are administering tests based on strict clinical criteria. Instead of visiting CityMD under these circumstances, we strongly encourage you to take the following steps to get healthy and protect your family and loved ones: 


- Consider a telemedicine visit through our CityMD app or


- Stay Home


- Isolate Yourself. Really – don’t go out.


- Treat with over-the-counter medicines


- Drink plenty of fluids


- Wash your hands well with soap and water and avoid touching your face


- Continue with this regimen until you feel healthy 


As your doctor, we will be honest and direct with you. Currently, widespread testing is unavailable and may even be counterproductive, because the demand for testing will overwhelm our ability to care for the sickest, most vulnerable patients.  


There is neither a rapid test, nor a vaccine, nor any medicine designed specifically for COVID-19. Please keep in mind anyone tested today could contract the illness tomorrow. Most patients who contract the disease will experience mild to moderate cold or flu-like symptoms and will recover fully by following the above advice.

Our CityMD locations are staffed by some of the best, most dedicated teams in healthcare. They’re coming to work every day committed to caring with kindness. We hope you will help us support these teams by not coming into a CityMD location seeking a COVID-19/coronavirus test unless you are exhibiting the symptoms and are truly sick. By doing that, you will be helping ensure that CityMDs continue to remain available to your friends, family and neighbors who need us now.  


Thank you.