Occupational Medicine

Health In The Workplace & Corporate Medicine

At CityMD, you can count on a full range of occupational health services in all areas — from regulatory pre-screening to ongoing compliance. We'll work closely with you to tailor a plan for your specific needs. To establish your account today, contact us at occmed@citymd.net.

Screening and surveillance testing

  1. Urine Drug Screening (UDS)

  2. Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)

  3. Heavy Metal Exposure screening (Lead, Mercury)

Protective Respirator Evaluation

  1. FIT Testing

  2. Pulmonary Function Testing

Infectious disease Screening

  1. TB Screening

  2. Immune Titer Screening

  3. Infectious Disease Screening

Vaccinations and Preventive Health

  1. Vaccinations (Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hep A, Hep B, Meningitis etc.)

  2. Group Flu vaccines

  3. Health Fair and Biometric Screening services

  4. Travel Medicine

Regulatory Screening

  1. DOT Physical Exams

  2. Pre-Employment/Annual Physicals

  3. OSHA Questionnaire

Occupational Medicine

Healthcare Management For Self-Insured Companies

If you're part of a self-insured company, we offer a wide range of products to help you manage healthcare costs while offering the highest quality care. With our unique combination of a large network of centers, medical call center capability, corporate telemedicine service and software driven referral management tools, we can engage patients directly to the appropriate care within networks. This helps everyone avoid the high costs of inappropriate care with questionable follow up.

Our Corporate Health Management Service can be tailored to the needs of your company. We offer:

  1. Health Risk Assessment services (Employee health risk profiling)

  2. ER diversion services (Direct Marketing and education services)

  3. Telemedicine/teletriage services

  4. Narrow network care coordination

  5. Custom concierge services

  6. Episodic case management

  7. High ER Utilizer engagement services

A mission to do more for health

Established on the pillars of quality, speed and exceptional experiences, four ER doctors formed CityMD in 2010 as an alternative to primary care physicians booked weeks in advance, and expensive, crowded emergency rooms with long wait times.



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Aftercare Follow-Up Program

Continued Care

Our care doesn’t end when you leave. For all workplace related conditions we treat, you can count on continuous management of care, as well as monitoring of all treatments, procedures and tests. We’ll even coordinate with other specialists for follow-up visits.

Healthy At Work

  1. Ensures compliance with treatment and follow-up

  2. Performs quality assurance

  3. Identifies deterioration of symptoms

our promise to you

We'll Value Your Wellbeing

To us, urgent care is never rushed care. We take all the steps necessary help you get better—from a thorough diagnosis to prescribing the right treatment.

We'll Value Your Comfort

It starts with the convenience of a CityMD location near you, and continues with a courteous staff and comfortable accommodations when you arrive.

We'll Be There When You Need Us

Our locations are open days, nights and weekends. So you can get the top quality care you need when you need it.

We'll Keep In Touch

Helping to speed your recovery, we follow up after your visit to see how you're doing, coordinate insurance, and recommend other medical specialists.