CityMD Virtual Line Information

Last Updated: 5/5/2021


CityMD has implemented a virtual line system at certain locations based on demand of patients requesting COVID-19 testing. This new process aims to provide a more convenient experience by eliminating the need to wait in a physical line outside of CityMD locations. 


Please read below to learn more about the virtual line process.


How It Works


If you are visiting CityMD for COVID-19 testing:


1. Walk into CityMD and inform our front desk team that you are visiting to receive a COVID-19 test. 


2. A front desk team member will take your name and mobile phone number and provide you with an estimated wait time. 


3. Once you have provided your name and mobile phone number, you will receive a welcome text from CityMD, where at anytime you can view the number of patients in line ahead of you for COVID-19 testing. During this time, you can wait in your car, at home, or any other place where you can return to the location within a 30-minute time frame upon receiving your return-to-office text . 


4. When it is your turn in line, you will receive a follow-up text message, instructing you to come back to the location within 30 minutes for registration. 


5. When you arrive to the location, please inform a front desk team member that you have received a notification to return to the office for registration. 



Important: If you are visiting for a non COVID-19 issue, please walk in and inform our front desk staff immediately. Our team will expedite registration and prioritize your visit. Please note - If you are visiting for a non COVID-19 medical reason, you cannot receive a COVID-19 test during the same visit.



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