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CityMD Cares is the corporate and social responsibility arm of CityMD. It is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that helps reinforce CityMD’s vision of building healthier, kinder communities. CityMD Cares provides several mechanisms to give back to team members and the community.

Our current focus is to help underserved communities get the medical, educational, and social help they need to live healthier lives.

Care Card Program

Care Card Program

The CityMD Care Card program allows the un- or under-insured to be seen at CityMD—for covered services—free of charge. Eligible applicants will be mailed a Care Card, which they can hand in instead of payment.
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What You Should Know Before Applying

  • Anyone who is either uninsured or underinsured, who is not a Medicare or Medicaid enrollee, and who is unable to pay for their medical care due to financial hardship is eligible for a Care Card.

  • The CityMD Cares Card can be used for the exam by medical staff of CityMD, point-of-service testing, or x-rays performed by CityMD during a visit. It does not cover the cost of vaccines and does not cover services rendered by any outside providers (advanced imaging, outside clinical laboratories, etc.).