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Walk-In Flu Shots at CityMD

Get a walk-in flu shot (influenza vaccination) at any CityMD location throughout NYC, Long Island and upstate NY. Getting the vaccine reduces your chances of getting through ‘flu season’ without treatment from a healthcare provider by 60%. In other words, even if you do still contract the flu after having a flu shot, your symptoms are likely to be less severe and will pass more quickly than if you had not gotten the flu shot.

Reduce Your Risk of Getting the Flu

Most people contract the influenza virus during ‘flu season’, which lasts from October through March, with the majority of cases peaking in January. While you may think that the flu poses risks only to the very young, the very old, or those with compromised immune systems, a recent CDC report found that 60% of influenza cases in 2013-2014 affected adults between the ages of 18 and 64. Sadly, deaths from the flu followed the same grim pattern, with New York being one of six states showing high flu activity.

One reason the CDC gives for this pattern is that the H1N1, or “swine flu,” does affect otherwise healthy adults at the same rate as other populations - this is the same flu that killed 200,000 people worldwide in 2009. It’s important to get a flu shot, as current flu vaccine formula does protect against it H1N1 and the seasonal influenza virus.

Safe, Effective Flu Shots and Flu Urgent Care

At CityMD urgent care, you can walk in and get flu shots at your convenience. Flu shots are approved for babies above the age of 6 months, as well as for pregnant women. It is administered through a traditional injection, or through a nasal spray. If you do end up contracting the flu, our physicians provide flu urgent care services to help you recover as quickly as possible.

For flu urgent care services and walk-in flu shots, visit one of our clinics today! You may also register online or call us at 212-772-3627 with any questions.

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