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Corneal Abrasions

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and our bodies work very hard to protect them.  Our eyelashes filter out small particles, and our lids reflexively close to cover our eyes and protect them from harm.  However, damage can occur if something strikes the surface of your eye, which is protected by the cornea.  This is called a corneal abrasion.
Anything that comes near your eye can damage it.  Dirt, dust, sand, or any small particles flying in the air can hit your cornea.  Rubbing your eye to get the particles out can intensify the damage, so you should always flush it with water and seek medical attention.  Most corneal abrasions will heal on their own, but if the foreign object is still in your eye, CityMD urgent care doctors can remove it safely. 
Your fingernails can also cause damage, and so can makeup applicators.  Always use caution near your eyes to prevent damage.  Keep contact lenses clean and hydrated.  Never rub your eyes vigorously, if they become irritated.
At CityMD urgent care, we can stain your eye to see if anything is still on it and safely remove the object. We will then advise you on the most effective aftercare to facilitate quick healing.  If necessary, we will apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
For immediate, fast, and comprehensive care, just walk in any of our urgent care clinics today!  You may also register online or call us at 212-772-3627 with any questions.


A summer Sunday always means a day at Long Beach for Lou and his family.  And with three boys ages 8, 10, and 12, there’s always lots of rough play both in the water and out of it.
Lou loves to get wild with his kids, but while throwing the football around, he dives to catch it and lands face first in the sand.  When he gets up, he feels like he has something in his eye.  He blinks and blinks, but it doesn’t seem to come out.  He rinses it with some bottled water, but it still feels irritated.
Lou doesn’t want to drive far with his vision impaired, but thankfully there’s a CityMD urgent care clinic very close by.  The doctor washes his eye and lets him know that the small corneal abrasion will heal on its own in a few days.  His boys are disappointed that their beach day is cut short, but since the doctors see Lou right away, they don’t have to wait for long and soon they’re back home with only a week before their next trip to the beach.