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Practice Medicine The Way It Was Meant To Be!


You've paid your dues.

Years of medical school. Decades of grueling schedules and bad food. Hundreds of sacrifices. The reward? A satisfying career as a doctor.

The future is waiting. Join CityMD Today!

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But how satisfied are you?

In your present practice, do you spend more time filling out endless forms and fighting your way through medical red tape than helping your patients? Are you working longer hours than you've ever expected - with little return? Do you wish you had a support team that did just that - support?
We've eliminated the frustration, stress and mediocre environments that plague so many medical practices. We know you became a doctor to practice medicine the way it was meant to be - with the emphasis on you and your patients. And that's what we deliver. CityMD physicians devote 95% of their time to actually practicing medicine.
Because we are owned and operated by doctors, we know what doctors are looking for in the health care arena. And that's what we provide: unparalleled care for our patients and an ultra-efficient work environment for our doctors. Our physicians work with a professional support team, including Medical Assistants and Scribes, specially trained to operate one of the most efficient administrative systems in healthcare today. You'll be treating patients in brand new state-of-the-art facilities, each one fully equipped with the latest in technology. 


Don’t take it from us – this is what some of our physicians think about working at CityMD:


"Because CityMD was founded by doctors - so they always support their doctors. I never feel rushed to see more patients than I'm capable of handling safely; I have plenty of support staff who handle logistics, including follow up appointments with radiology or specialists, pharmacy questions, blood draws, and support for procedures. All staff are trained with a "can-do" attitude, which makes work pleasant and motivating - and allows me to focus on my patients. I may leave work tired, but I always feel fulfilled." – Sara Baker, MD, Board-Certified Family Practice 

"Instead of working in a crowded, chaotic ER where each patient interaction is all too brief and punctuated by frequent interruptions, where administrators are pushing for increasing patient satisfaction scores at the expense of sound clinical judgment and dwindling resources, CityMD offers a spacious, clean, efficient and supportive environment.  Their well-designed operations allow me the freedom to focus on my patient. One important aspect of the clinical encounter that I now find myself doing (and enjoying) more is patient education, something often overlooked in any busy practice…most patients are quite grateful for the service provided and time spent with them. This is what makes CityMD unique- the idea that patient AND physician satisfactions are not mutually exclusive." – Yi-An Lee, MD, Board-Certified Emergency Medicine